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Rosejeane P.

Barrington Residential Care Homes

I first hired Solarium Management Advisors to help me reorganize my business. Although my revenues were not bad, I was frequently short of cash, and the business was more struggle than fun. Solarium Management advisors has helped me restructure the business. They analyzed my portfolio of services and how they fit the profiles of our best clients, and suggested ways to improve our marketing. As our marketing became more effective, they showed me new ways to cut my expenses. The end result is that our cash flow has improved dramatically. We have better clients now and are getting significant referral business. I can actually leave the business in the capable hands of my staff and take several vacations a year. Without Solarium Management Advisors, I never would have been able to get to this point.

Allen R.

Senior Care Homes

Solarium Management Advisors helped us refine our business strategy, and also prepare a formal business plan for debt financing. The SMA team was very professional and friendly, and they had a good understanding of our industry. Our company is much more structured and growing faster now. SMA has been a major factor in our success. We would definitely hire them again

Chan I.

Six Limos

"An enjoyable working relationship"

Solarium has done amazing work in providing our team with a solid strategic plan and has interacted with us very well. Solarium takes their profession very seriously, but is also very personable. That quality has made our working relationship very enjoyable.

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