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Frequently Asked Questions about Solarium Management Advisors, LLC

We’ve found that people tend to ask similar questions about our business procedures, services, and client solutions.

Take a few minutes to scan the page for the information you’re hoping to find.

If you don’t see it, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Q: Do you offer accounting, bookkeeping, or similar services?

A: Although we can – and have compiled financial statements to facilitate the financial analysis process – we do not. If you want an independent third party to verify what your accountants are doing and saying, we can definitely help. Our specialty is providing un-biased interpretation of all the numbers – identifying problems and/or opportunities for your business.

Q: How should I prepare for my initial consultation?

A: All you need do to prepare is have an idea you want to discuss, a problem that requires finding a solution, plus any questions and/or suggestions on how we can best work together.

Q: Is my business too small?

A: No project is too small. Business organizations that don’t employ a full-time financial analyst can benefit greatly for our wide range of business services and financial expertise.

Q: How will the work be delivered to me?

A: Data Analysis and results will be provided in Microsoft Excel (which can easily be converted to any format when importing). Written analysis will be presented in Microsoft Word format in addition to a PowerPoint and face-to-face summary. We can make one-on-one presentations or group presentations – your choice.

Q: Do you offer consultations by phone?

A: After financial and/or business analysis is done, any questions or review can be delivered by phone or e-mail. (See the next question)

Q: Are you limited to a specific geographic region?

A: Solarium Management Advisors, LLC can provide in-person services, if requested, for businesses in the Twin City Metro Area. For out-of-area clients, we can make special arrangements to help you, too. Thanks to the power of telecommunications and digital communications, it is now possible to help clients almost anywhere.

Q: Where would we meet for a consultation?

A: If you contact us by email or phone, we will work out a convenient location for a meeting: on site (your business location), our office in Eagan, MN, or at a mutually agreeable establishment.

Q: What size engagements are you capable of completing?

A: We are a small firm, but we also enjoy a network of colleagues whom we have carefully selected for both skill and dependability. A virtual expansion of our organization is possible to match the size and scope of almost any engagement.

Q: What about confidentiality?

A: We do not discuss or release any information, unless ordered by a court or given explicit and specific permission by you. In addition, cash payment is accepted, pertinent information can be redacted, and information can be exchanged in a variety of secure ways.

Q: How do you measure the success of your process?

A: Is the organization in a better place to make decisions than before the analysis was performed?

Q: What guarantee do I have?

A: A general set of mutually agreed expectations and parameters is developed. If the expectations were not met or the parameters were changed, each side has the right to open a conversation about bringing things back into balance.

Q: What if I have a question that is not answered here?

A: Please contact us. Solarium Management Advisors will provide you with an absolutely free and no-obligation answer to any of your questions via phone or e-mail.

Q:  What subjects of advice have other business owners requested?

Here’s a quick sampling of popular requests:

  • Accounting:  Creation of alternate depreciation schedules. Creation of forms / methods to help with timing of asset and capital purchases.

  • Cost Reduction:  Streamlining operations, outsourcing, and/or insourcing.

  • Accounts Receivable Management:  Creation of new credit policies. Improvement of in-house collections to save time and money.

  • Compliance and Regulation:  Implementing business policies and procedures that comply with Local, State, and Federal regulations (Including HIPPA and Sarbanes Oxley).

  • Best Practices and Procedures:  Preparation of written documentation and implementation of administrative policy.

  • Capital Structure:  How much cash flow should be reserved for future capital expenditures? How do we make short term vs. long term financing decisions?

  • Business Structure:  Going from an “S” corporation to a “C” corporation. Choosing between Incorporation and a Partnership.

  • Financing Alternatives:  What financing solutions are best for small businesses to pursue?

  • Asset Allocation:  Determining best use of assets in addition to optimal asset life.

  • General Business:  Everything from business software recommendations to staffing and logistics.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Visit Our Book Online page for information.

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